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MAY 2023

4 Winds CEO Tony Tootoosis & Tootoosis Crew's Laurencia and Ranya Tootosis star in this incredible commercial to support the preservation of indigenous culture and land.

Amisko Wacîw Mêskanaw

Over 20 years ago, passionate volunteers envisioned a 100 km multi-use pedestrian trail that would connect the North Saskatchewan River Valley, making it the longest river valley trail in North America. The River Valley Alliance was born out of this dream, supported by the 6 municipalities bordering the river within the Edmonton Metro Region. With collaborative funding from provincial and federal governments, this iconic trail is now 75% complete. To celebrate this achievement, we embarked on a 2-year process to find a unifying name that honours and respects the Indigenous history of the river valley. Working closely with Naheyawin, we sought insight from Elders, Knowledge Keepers, and representatives of Indigenous political organizations, ensuring diverse perspectives, including 2SLGBTQ+ and Inuit voices. Through these enriching conversations, we discovered the importance of names in Indigenous cultures, as they shape identities, relationships, values, and perspectives. The chosen trail name in nêhiyawêwin (Cree language) invites everyone to “sing the song” of the river valley, fostering a deeper sense of responsibility and belonging. ~ River Valley Alliance

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